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Festus Keyamo 

Nigeria’s Minister of Aviation and Aerospace Development, Mr. Festus Keyamo, has raised the alarm that private jet operations were largely used for money laundering and drug trafficking.

Keyamo, who set up an 8-man ministerial committee for the purpose said the operations of private aircraft owners in the country had remained largely unchecked and unregulated going by the security  concerns and reports.

He lamented that going by reports, there was spike in money laundering, drug trafficking and other illegal activities through the use of private aircrafts in the country.

The Minister who highlighted his 5-Point Agenda encapsulating Safety, Infrastructure, Support for local operators, Human Capacity Deployment and Revenue generation, said the agenda served as a guide in discharging the mandate of the president. 

He noted that he was compelled to take decisive action after meeting with the regulators and stakeholders within the aviation industry by setting up a Ministerial Task force.

Keyamo urged the Task Force members to work diligently to restore confidence in the aviation industry, to eliminate illegal operations and also to ensure that every flight in the country’s skies adhered to the highest standards of safety and legality.

The Task Force members who have been carefully selected from within and outside the aviation industry were charged “To take inventory of all Private Non-commercial Flight (PNCF) holders and Air Operator Certificate (AOC) holders.

“To determine why the practice of illegal charters by PNCF holders persists in the country despite regulatory controls.

“To call in all professional licenses of pilots and crew in the country and determine their authenticity and validity.

“To recommend to the minister any additional measures to be taken by regulatory agencies to stem the ugly tide. To recommend appropriate sanctions to be imposed by the regulatory agencies on defaulters.

..Watch video of where Keyamo assertion below πŸ‘‡πŸ½ 

“To recommend additional measures to further monitor the operations and activities of private aircraft in Nigeria.”

Chairman of the Task Force Committee, Capt. Ado Sanusi, appreciated the minister for opportunity given to the committee and promised to get to the root of the problems at hand.

Other members of the taskforce aside Sanusi included Capt. Roland Iyayi, Vice Chairman; Ag. Director of Air Transport, FMA&AD, Theresa A. Babayo (DAYR-NCAA), Secretary; a nominee from the National Security Adviser, Capt. Daniel Quansah; Capt. Patrick Ogunlowo, and Obafemi Bajomo (SA-HMA).

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