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In every organization, the dream is to have dedicated, hardworking, and knowledgeable officers who are deeply aware of their roles and the reasons behind their appointment or election. It is also the prayer of every institution to have officers who are patriotic and passionate about their responsibilities. This ideal is perfectly embodied in Elder Amah Abraham, the acting publicity secretary of the Abia State People's Democratic Party (PDP).

Elder Amah Abraham has consistently demonstrated his dedication, passion, and reliability through his exemplary performance as the publicity secretary of Abia PDP. His tenure has been marked by a resounding presence and a persistent voice for the party, earning the admiration of many and inciting envy among the party's adversaries. His steadfast commitment to the PDP has not only kept the party's voice prominent in Abia State but also ensured that the principles and policies of the PDP remain in the public consciousness.

In his role, Abraham has made significant personal sacrifices, often facing opposition and enmity for his unwavering dedication. He has stood firm against the missteps of the current administration led by Alex Otti, showcasing courage, fearlessness, and steadfastness. His willingness to defend the party, even at great personal risk, underscores his suitability for the chairmanship of the Abia PDP.

The opposition to his chairmanship aspiration is a testament to his effectiveness in challenging the current government's policies. His detractors are often those who fear his capability to stand up against wrongdoings and misgovernance. Abraham’s chairmanship would represent a continuation of his strong, principled leadership and a refusal to capitulate to the interests of external forces seeking to undermine the party.

Elder Amah Abraham is precisely the kind of leader the PDP needs for its progress. His track record of hard work, courage, and unyielding dedication to the party's values makes him the best candidate for the chairmanship position. Rewarding his hard work is not just a matter of justice but a strategic move to ensure the party's continued resilience and success. 

As the Abia PDP looks towards the future, Elder Amah Abraham stands out as the most suitable candidate to lead the party, fortify its position, and steer it towards greater accomplishments.


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