Gov Otti’s Finance Commissioner Allegedly Pocketing N10m Monthly Amidst Worker Salary Forfeiture, Widespread Mismanagement | #NwokeukwuMascot


Abia Finance Commissioner Allegedly Takes N10m Monthly, Others N3m; While Forcing Workers to Forfeit Their Salaries | #NwokeukwuMascot

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by Aguwamba Uzochukwu, Umuahia.

Governor Otti’s Commissioner for finance allegedly takes about  N10m monthly other Commissioners N3m while he forces workers to forfeit their salary

Governor Alex Oti has never hidden his insensitivity to other Abians except those that are close to him since 2014.

While Abia is the only State in Nigeria that is yet to implement the wage award for workers, The Governor after the first deceitful pubic expression of what he pays his aides, we have come to know what they are paid  montly while Abians suffer 

Just like the deliberate lie about security vote, we have come to realize that the Commissioner for finance takes home over 10m montly.  This is made up of the following:

1.) 5m montly allowance 

2.) 1.5m faac allowance .

3.) 3.2m which is paid to all the Commissioners in the state. This is made up of N1m monthly as salary. N1,250,000  Exco allowance which is 250k weekly ×5 paid every Monday Exco meeting at Umuehim and N400k security allowance. 

The entire Commissioners are paid totally sum of about  N3.200,000. This is made of up 250k every Monday ×5 Exco Mondays in some cases. N1m monthly salary, 400k as security vote and other entitlements.

The Governor's aides also partake in the N250k every Exco meeting days. This includes some heads of Agencies and Patastatals and some senior aides. Many take home additional N350 to N500 monthly averaging N1.5m monthly. 

During Okezie administration Commissioners were paid N196k as salary and exco allowance of N500k as it was reduced from N1m. Which means N696 was their monthly pay. I mean the sinners salary.

Governors aides were earning from 50k to 110k monthly: The hallelujah and data boys as they are called.

Why is Gov Oti refusing to pay  the pension arrears and the wage award of workers of the state but can afford to accommodate the extravagant his numerous aides. Why is the Commissioner of finance so insensitive to the feeling of the average workers when he pockets over N10m of our money monthly. The monthly hotel bills of the government can take care of the wage award.

These are people who have come to rescue Abia. We are yet to see the messiah.

If any they deny any of these, we will come with evidence.  This is government of deceit for the deceit and by the deceitful.


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