How Protesting Truck Drivers Blocked Major Highway in Abia Following Brutality, Disruption by Alex Otti’s Touts | #NwokeukwuMascot


Protesting Truck Drivers Block Major Road in Abia State: Local Government Chairman Intervenes | #NwokeukwuMascot

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Obingwa, Abia State – The Transitional Commitee local government chairman of Obingwa LGA, Eric Egwuibe, has intervened following a protest by truck drivers who blocked a major road in response to the alleged assault of one of their colleagues by members of a task force. The incident took place along the Aba-Ikot Ekpene road, where drivers obstructed one lane for several hours, causing significant traffic congestion and disruption.

Egwuibe acted swiftly by paying the medical bills of the injured truck driver, who had reportedly been beaten by task force operatives. This gesture was aimed at placating the aggrieved drivers and restoring order. The injured driver was attacked while the task force attempted to enforce government-approved movement hours for trucks on the road.

Addressing the drivers at Nlagu-Onicha Ngwa axis, Egwuibe urged them to prioritize peace and dialogue when voicing their grievances. He emphasized that protests and road blockades not only cause traffic delays but also lead to the loss of valuable business hours. Egwuibe highlighted the administration of Governor Alex Otti's commitment to accommodating all law-abiding residents of Abia State, regardless of their origin. He expressed relief that the protest had not resulted in any fatalities.

Egwuibe assured the drivers that their concerns would be addressed, promising a thorough review of their complaints and requests. The truck drivers, including Sunday Oseni and Monday Amaechi, explained that their protest was driven by frequent harassment from the task force and restrictions on their movement during daytime hours, despite regularly purchasing daily tickets.

This incident underscores the significant disadvantages of utilizing touts as task force and revenue collection agents in Abia State. The practice has led to numerous complaints of harassment and violence, reflecting a broader failure of Governor Alex Otti's administration to deliver on promises of ending such practices.

Despite assurances and statements from the governor, the continued reliance on touts for enforcement and revenue collection remains a contentious issue, with negative impacts on both local businesses and residents.

The protest by the truck drivers is a stark reminder of the need for a more transparent and accountable approach to task force operations in Abia State. Ensuring that enforcement measures are carried out fairly and without violence is crucial for maintaining public trust and order. The administration's response to this incident will be closely watched as a test of its commitment to addressing these longstanding issues.


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