Rising Insecurity: Accept Responsibility, End the Politicization of Security, Public Affairs Analyst Writes Gov Otti| #NwokeukwuMascot


Governor Otti, Accept Responsibility And Stop Politicization of Security by Uche Aguoru | #NwokeukwuMascot

The rising wave of insecurity and attacks on security personnel in Abia state is very concerning, I am becoming apprehensive about the safety and security of Abia residents after my encounter with "Unknown Gunmen" at Okigwe junction on Wednesday.  

Security is a sensitive issue concerning the life and property of the citizenry and MUST not be politicized but rather given the seriousness it deserves.

While I heartily sympathize with the families of the two policemen who lost their lives over the weekend following an attack on their checkpoint by gunmen in Aba barely one month after some yet-to-be-identified gunmen also attacked a military checkpoint killing five soldiers,  incidents of attacks on security personnel in Aba are becoming constant, and in the last few months, about 12 military and police personnel have lost their lives to attacks of this nature right in their duty posts.  

Going by the recent utterances of the governor wherein he is reported to have said "It is reasonable to suspect that enemies of the state, those who don't seem to see any good or want any good for the state are somehow connected to the insecurity in the state" 

These statements are defeatist in outlook for a chief security officer of a state to make publicly.

If what you are reported to have said is an advisory from your security team, I can unequivocally interpret it to mean that they are as clueless, tactless, and ineffective as 80% of your imported aides and appointees and it manifests in the recent surge in kidnapping, armed robbery, Unknown gunmen, Snatching of Vehicles, burglary, and destruction of innocent lives and properties that has become our everyday reality

Fighting insecurity is no rocket science it only requires the right approach, my governor, rather than resort to your usual propaganda and blame shifting, I will advise you to go back to the boardroom and re-examine your security strategies which evidentially are not working, drop pride, and consult with your predecessors to find out how you were handed the most secure and safe state within the region at a time when our sister states of Imo, Anambra, Ebonyi, and Enugu were held hostage by insecurity, when insurgency, terrorism, kidnapping, armed robbery, murder and other forms of criminality were at its peak when other states cannot open offices, schools and businesses on Mondays but Abians were schooling and going about their normal businesses. deny it as much as you may, but the truth is somebody made it possible and that person is Dr. Okezie Victor Ikpeazu

Call Senator T.A Orji and find out how he was able to tackle and defeat the dreaded murderer, kidnapper, and daredevil Osisikankwu and his criminal syndicate that terrorized Abia from 2008 until he was neutralized in 2010.

Consult with Senator Orji Uzor Kalu for tutorials on how he conquered the Aba Mafia, a criminal organization that crippled the economy of the state in the 90s, which held Aba residents to ransom to the point that they can come into your house and rape your wife or daughter and also demand to be paid for it, even the military regime at the time couldn't successfully combat them until OUK vanquished them using homegrown security initiatives.  

The situation at hand requires more than just paying a visit to the families of the slain servicemen to make empty political consolation speeches after every attack and murder of peoples fathers, husbands and sons, it requires a proactive approach to forestall future occurrences  

Abia was unarguably the safest state in the southeast and South-south regions of the nation before your administration came to be, resist the attempt to politicize security, initiate inclusive but strategic engagement with the relevant stakeholders who have kept the state safe and secure including traditional rulers, adopt both kinetic and non-kinetic approaches and most importantly establish a homegrown approach to tackle the insecurity now plaguing the state.


About the Author, Mr Uche Aguoru

Mr Uche Aguoru

Uche Aguoru is a Journalist, seasoned political analyst and public affairs commentator, known for his incisive critiques and thought-provoking insights on Nigerian politics. With years of experience in analyzing governance and political dynamics, Aguoru has become a respected voice in advocating for transparency, accountability, and good governance. His writings often highlight the intricacies of political maneuvering and the impact of leadership decisions on the populace. A dedicated watchdog of democratic principles, Uche Aguoru continues to engage the public through his sharp and compelling analyses.


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