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Aba, Nigeria – Tensions are high in Aba as traders from the Ekeoha Market stage a protest against the state government's proposed demolition of the market. The traders allege that the government has failed to engage all relevant market leaders in discussions about the demolition, instead selecting only a few representatives for meetings.

The protesters are particularly incensed by the actions of the Commissioner of Trade and Commerce, who they claim chose Abia Hotel in Umuahia as the venue for the meetings, rather than a more convenient location in Aba. This decision, according to the traders, has led to significant logistical challenges for many who wish to attend the discussions.

Furthermore, the traders accuse the Commissioner of employing heavy-handed tactics to suppress dissent. They claim that police were used to intimidate those opposing the demolition, with reports of mobile phones being seized from leaders who voiced their concerns. These leaders argue that the government has yet to present a viable plan for the traders' relocation during the demolition process, leaving many uncertain about their future livelihoods.

One trader, who wished to remain anonymous, expressed the frustration felt by many: "We are not against development, but the government must provide a clear plan for us. We need assurance that we will not be left stranded."

The proposed demolition of Ekeoha Market has sparked widespread concern among the trading community, who fear losing their businesses and sources of income. The market, a key economic hub in Aba, supports thousands of traders and their families. Without a well-organized plan for relocation and reconstruction, the traders argue, the demolition could have devastating effects on the local economy.

…Watch video of the protest below 👇🏽 

As the protests continue, traders are calling on the state government to halt the demolition plans until comprehensive consultations with all stakeholders have been conducted. They demand a transparent and inclusive process that addresses their concerns and ensures their livelihoods are protected.

The state government has yet to issue an official response to the allegations and the ongoing protests.


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