We Should All Be Ashamed of Ourselves: A Comparative Reflection on the British Election and Our Own(Video) | #NwokeukwuMascot


WE SHOULD ALL BE ASHAMED OF OURSELVES by Barr Onyebuchi Ememanka | #NwokeukwuMascot

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As I have done over the last 2 and half decades, I followed with keen interest, the just concluded British election. 

In less than 24 hours, actual voting, counting of votes and declaration of results were done and dusted. 

Winners acknowledged their victory and losers conceded defeat. No long grammar. No bitterness. No election tribunals. Everyone goes home. 

Less than 6 hours after, power changed hands as the new Prime Minister took over without any ceremonies. No committees were set up for the inauguration. Just that speech and work starts. Before the end of tomorrow, new ministers will be named.

Both the outgoing Prime Minister and the incoming one had warm words for each other, acknowledging each other's efforts in the assignments and extolling personal character strengths and wishing each other well. 

My younger brother, Justice Ejikoma who participated for the first time in the British elections, after having taken part in our local elections here for a while must be shocked at how seamless the process is there, in contradistinction with ours. 

No tension. No fights amongst youth groups. The election was done on a working day. No road blocks and no mindless militarization of the environment.

Barr Onyebuchi Ememanka
The new Prime Minister joined the Labor Party when he was 16 years. He has become Prime Minister in his 60s. He didn't decamp to another party for all the years they were in opposition.

The Conservatives who just lost will remain in their party and be proud members of the opposition. No one will jump ships and they will start rebuilding their party. You won't hear stupid tales of how bad their party was as a reason for decamping.

…Watch Moment PM Sunak congratulated Labour Party’s Keir Starmer  below 👇🏽

Indeed, we are a disgrace to humanity. We are nothing but apes in a jungle. All that matters to us is primitive accumulation of wealth. For us here, politics is nothing but an avenue to enrich ourselves.

We should be ashamed of ourselves. All of us! Both the rulers and the ruled. From A to Z!

I don't even know what I am still doing here. If not for Akpu and Akpor, I shouldn't be here. Honestly. 

©️Ururu Aja.


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