A Nepotistic Leader and How my Obingwa brothers celebrated the slave appointments by Eks Steve | #NwokeukwuMascot


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Some of my Obingwa brothers, who worked hard to install Otti as governor, have been rewarded with PA appointments.

They are not Aro enough to be made Commissioners or Director Generals, despite some of them having towering qualifications and work experience. 

To them, His Excellency doesn't see tribes, he only sees Aro. To them, the man whose Commissioner of Finance, Commissioner of Works and Secretary to the State Government(SSG) all come from his hometown of Arochukwu, is a detribalised Abian. Even the two fringe Commissioners from Isiala-Ngwa South have Aro ancestry.

I'm laughing at them in Swahili! My brothers, you have been used.

It appears that you have been reading the book below, and have been telling yourselves that you are part of the Aro equation.

Brothers, our Governor is a nepotistic leader, QED.


  1. It's quite obvious and ridiculous that eke Steve and it's cohort are very stupid. Firstly. Is it now Arį» ??
    No more Arongwa ??
    At this 21st century, someone is still playing baberic ethnicity ??.
    When OVI was there, how many ukwa, Ohafia, Igbere, Bende, Ohuhu, Ibeku etc did he appointed ??
    Politics of bitterness should be a thing of the past.


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