Abia Acting DNS falls out with his errand boy, Don Torch, who she reportedly uses for her dirty deals | #NwokeukwuMascot


As Abia House of Assembly and Police summons Mrs Nwankaego and Don Torch..

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The Abia State Acting Director of Nursing Services, Mrs. Nwankego Onyeukwu, has been targeted in a series of posts on social media by her errand boy, Mr. Nkemjika Nnadozie, who is commonly referred to as "Don Torch."

Recall our earlier reports on how Mrs Nwankego was detained for a day and reportedly granted bail of N400k on the condition of producing Don Torch, who was said to be extorting prospective students of Abia State Nursing School.

Mr. Nnadozie, also known as Don Torch, posted on his Facebook account accusing Mrs. Nwankego of leaking PTS questions and engaging in fraudulent activities.

One of Don Torch's posts reads in full: “DIRECTOR OF NURSING SERVICES (DNS) SAGA!

“During plenary at the Abia State House of Assembly Yesterday, the house read a petition from the supposed Principal of school of Nursing Umuahia (FMC) against the DNS and the ministry. 

“The DNS removed the principal from writing PTS so that she can manipulate the result of the poor students in favour of what ever she wants to do. 

“She will be answering to the house members any moment and from there, Abia Youths Watch will also petition her and the ministry over the delay in releasing Entrance result and why she accused the principal of FMC of leaking PTS question which was alleged to have leaked after she forcefully collected the questions from her which IS against the rule of Nursing Council. 

“Mrs Nwakaego Onyeukwu needs to be seriously investigated. Her deeds are fraudulent and she uses the name of the commissioner of health to do those nonsense even when she knows that most of the activities in nursing is unknown to the Commissioner. 

“She is supposed to be directing the commissioner on the right things to do instead, she gives her wrong advises which might end up making the school to lose their accreditation. She seems to be worse than the former.” He ended.

Adding to that, Don torch, who played a key role in the suspension and subsequent removal of the former DNS and other principal, regreted his actions, saying he didn’t know that Mrs Nwankego would have been worst than the former.

However, our sources within the ministry who pleaded anonymity had revealed more information regarding the illegal activities going on in the ministry which Mrs Nwankego and Don Torch were said to be part and parcel of.

Hinting on the recent fallout she said: “Mrs Onyeukwu Nwankego was given 11m yesterday to conduct FMC PTS. Because she did not keep to the agreement reached between her and Don torch on sharing the money, Dontorch got annoyed and decided to play to the gallery.”

She further revealed this the Ag DNS is working with one Mrs Iheoma Happiness nwosu the acting principal school of nursing ABSUTH Aba who is alleged to be collecting 500k per prospective student with the promise of passing them in PTS exams and also another Okorocha Nnenna, the acting principal school of midwifery Aba who she also alleged to be collecting 300k with the same promise of helping prospective pass their PTS Exam.
 Mr. Nkemjika Nnadozie, also known as Don Torch 

However, on contacting the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria regarding the way forward, they said they have told them to rewrite the entire PTS exams with the usual pen and paper (POP). The agency added that they are against the way things are playing out in Abia; they reserved the next line of action as they are currently working on resolving the growing issues.


  1. Am a student in abiriba,did 8 courses last semester made all my papers with a very good grade,nd had only one problem in one course nd was told to step down from my class,my principal saying dat is what the DNS said and government plss is this right.

  2. This should warrant summary Dismissal from service....

  3. Don’t you people have students handbook where major courses and minor courses are stated

  4. All this nonsense has to stop Abia State Schools of Nursing system has been bad ever since.

  5. Don Touch is a hungry author

  6. Looking for appointment left, right and center

  7. Quite unfortunate that ministry of health Abia State is killing the reputation we have in the past because of greed, now producing immature and incompetent nurses, what a shame!!!
    I suggest they should go back and pick MRS ALICE CHUKWUOCHA on contract for few years to revive and correct the errors.

  8. All the students that passed their PTS Exam paid to the DNS and some other people. What's essence of encouraging the students to read like their lives depends on it and after everything they failed the ones that worked hard for it... this is about school of Nursing Amachara.

  9. How will a student pass 7 courses and got 49.03 in the 8th 1 and was asked to withdraw in FMC , whereas a student of Amachara who faile 2 to 3 course was passed on Merit and was never asked to withdraw, this is totally unfair ,discrimination is too much in FMC Dr Alex Oti the able Governor do something pls 🙏

  10. Most students that passed exams are the DNS candidates who paid huge sum of money to the DNS to pass them. If the school authority really want to be fair, they should have published the results immediately to avaid tempering with them. The Abia state government should pls come into this.

  11. They have created bad reputation for the Abia state School of nursing. The accreditation of the school is at stake. Dr. Alex Otti should help the students. It is very disheartening that the students that did not read or prepare for the exams passed and those that really read for the exams failed. It is very unfair.


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