Rivers State: Declare seats of 27 PDP lawmakers vacant, order fresh election –LP to Speaker of 5 members | #NwokeukwuMascot


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Labour Party Urges Declaration of Vacant Seats and Fresh Election in Rivers State Amidst Political Upheaval. 

Recall we had earlier reported how 27 out of the 32 state house members of Rivers state house of Assembly dumped the state’s ruling party, PDP and deflected to the APC.

However, In a significant move, the Labour Party (LP) has issued a compelling call to the Speaker of the Rivers State House of Assembly, urging the declaration of the seats of 27 lawmakers who defected to the All Progressives Congress (APC) as vacant. The party further advocates for the organization of a fresh election to fill the resultant void in representation.

Hilda Dokubo, the Rivers State LP Chairman, emphasized the party’s stance on the defection, deeming it unconstitutional. In a statement bearing her signature, Dokubo underscored the clarity of the provisions concerning legislators who abandon the party that sponsored their candidacy.

“The provision is clear about the fate of those legislators who betrayed the party that sponsored them,” stated Dokubo, adding, “Therefore, Labour demands the Speaker of the House declare the 27 seats vacant immediately.

The call for decisive action by the Speaker reflects the party’s commitment to upholding democratic principles and ensuring accountability within the political arena. Dokubo reiterated the importance of political figures recognizing that they can no longer disregard the electorate and the parties that propelled them into office.

Dokubo further stated, “Fresh elections in Rivers State will offer the people the opportunity to elect their true representatives.”

This appeal aligns with the party’s belief in the democratic process and affirms the necessity of allowing the citizens of Rivers State to actively participate in selecting leaders who genuinely represent their interests.

As the political landscape in Rivers State experiences this turbulence, the Labour Party’s call for the declaration of vacant seats and a subsequent fresh election signals a commitment to maintaining the integrity of democratic institutions and reinforcing the power of the electorate in shaping the region’s political future.


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