11 days and counting: Gov Otti yet to produce the controversial forensics report publicly, Should we consider this a mishap of the "Premium Whiskey"? (Video) | #NwokeukwuMascot


...The premium whiskey and alleged forensic experts by Nwokeukwu Mascot Nnamdi | #NwokeukwuMascot

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It is well-documented that this is not the first time Otti has made false claims against the previous administration of Abia state.

Let's recall the exaggerated geometric power plant saga, when Otti falsely claimed on national TV that the previous administration never invested any funds in the Aba power plant. However, when the CEO of Geometric Power was threatened with legal action, he publicly released the letter he wrote to the Alex Otti's government, revealing the billions that the Ikpeazu-led administration had actually spent to obtain a stake in the power project.

Additionally, Otti was exposed for spending over 5 billion to run his office while operating from the comfort of his home in Nvosi. Instead of taking responsibility for his actions, Otti dispatched his spokesperson, Ekeoma, to spread lies on radio and other media outlets, claiming that the money was used to pay off debts owed by the Ikpeazu administration. Subsequently, when the documents came to light, it was revealed that this was yet another falsehood aimed at discrediting his predecessor.

We can count at least 10 instances where Otti's lies and propaganda as a governor have been debunked with evidence, leading discerning Abians to question everything that comes out of his mouth, especially when it concerns the previous administration.

Just imagine if it had been Ikpeazu who was caught on video clinging to someone's wife, drinking premium whiskey, and an unidentified mistress openly admitted to being adopted by Dr. Alex Chioma Otti. Oh, the uproar that would have ensued in Abia! (Click here to watch video)

People would have printed T-shirts with slogans like "Emekwalagi Adopt" or "Premium Whiskey Ogbasara Unu". Now that the hunter is being hunted, numerous threats have been circulating throughout Abia since last night. LOL.

In my previous write-up titled, "If not alcohol, what could make a man choose media trial over agencies that deal with economic crimes?" I highlighted the vindictive nature of the current Abia state government and how they will stop at nothing to build a case against the previous administration, even if they lack concrete evidence of financial crimes. It has been six days and still, no one has seen the alleged forensic report.

Nevertheless, we have now witnessed the so-called forensic whiskey and the self-proclaimed experts all in one video. However, I will conclude by praying for Abia's success and quoting the distinguished Senator Enyi Abaribe, "Those who live by propaganda will die by propaganda."


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