How Military Killed Our Staff After Death Of Airforce Cadet In Our Swimming Pool – Damgrete Hotel Management (Video) | #NwokeukwuMascot


Tragic Incident at Umuahia Hotel: Military's Involvement in the Death of Hotel Staff Raises Concerns | #NwokeukwuMascot

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Hotel Royal Damgrete in Umuahia, Abia State, has provided an explanation regarding the alleged killing of its Food and Beverage(F&B) Manager, Mr. James Etubi, by the military. There have been reports that an Air Force Cadet, Emmanuel Chidiebere Onyeomereneche, lost his life in the hotel's swimming pool under controversial circumstances. One version of events suggests that Onyeomereneche intentionally dived into the pool with his trunk to swim during a hangout with friends. Concerned by their colleague's death, the military in the state arrested some hotel staff for interrogation.

Dr. Steve Ihedigbo, Chairman/CEO of Hotel Royal Damgrete, revealed in an interview that after interrogating three hotel staff members, including Mr. Etubi, a senior female military police officer ordered corporal punishment for the staff. Dr. Ihedigbo expressed surprise that the supposed prime suspect who was with the deceased Cadet that reportedly drowned at the pool was among those assigned to beat his own staff during the punishment. He alleged that the prime suspect who is also a colleague of the deceaesd cadet was amongst those instructed to beat his staff and he personally hit the F&B manager on the head to ensure his death, supposedly to hide the circumstances surrounding Onyeomereneche's death.

Click here to watch video of the full interview with Dr Ihedigbo, the Chairman and CEO Damgretes hotel umuahia.

Dr. Ihedigbo further stated that the late F&B manager was present at the scene and had crucial information about what led to Onyeomereneche's death. He insisted that the deceased's colleague has questions to answer. As for the hotel's diver, he had already finished work at 6 pm before Onyeomereneche and his friends arrived. Dr. Ihedigbo maintained that the hotel and its staff are not involved and called for a thorough investigation into the cadet's death.

 Photos of the Hotel staff that were brutalized with the late Mr Etubi by the military. 

In the meantime, the Nigerian military has announced the arrest of personnel involved in the interrogation process that resulted in the death of Achimugu James Etubi, the section manager of Hotel Royal Damgrete. The military stated that a preliminary investigation is underway to determine the actual cause of Etubi's death.


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