Celine and Afiba:“Andrew’s Friend is an accomplice”; Harrison Gwamnishu Exposes Alleged Cover-Up in Missing Girls Case | #NwokeukwuMascot


…Harrison Gwamnishu Exposes Alleged Cover-Up in Missing Girls Case Andrew’s Friend is an accomplice | #NwokeukwuMascot

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In a startling new development, activist Harrison Gwamnishu has revealed that the decomposing corpse recently discovered has not yet been identified as either Celine or Afiba. Gwamnishu's statement sheds light on the controversial actions of Ben, a close associate of the late Andrew Amaechi Ochekwo, who has been accused of distorting the truth and complicity in the case.

Recall we had earlier reported Ben’s testimony where he narrated his recent discussion with Andrew who he said despite being under police custody had unrestricted access to his phone and driving alone further accusing the police of mishandling the situation following circumstances surrounding the suspect’s death.

Gwamnishu, who has been at the forefront of seeking justice for the allegedly murdered girls, asserts that Ben is deeply involved in the cover-up. "Ben is Andrew's accomplice and is no different from him. He has shared explicit videos of Celine and Afiba on social media to justify Andrew's actions," Gwamnishu declared.

The full statement reads: "Dear Nigerians, We are yet to ascertain if the decomposed body found belongs to Celine or Afiba. 

“I know many of you have seen an alleged WhatsApp screenshot where Celine purportedly demanded 1 million naira from Andrew.This screenshot was released by Andrew's friend, who has been keeping disturbing videos of Andrew's victims. This man is Andrew's exhibit keeper and is no different from Andrew.

“He has shared explicit videos of Celine and Afiba on social media, attempting to justify Andrew’s actions. He never reported to UK authorities that a fugitive declared wanted was in Nigeria, committing more crimes. Instead, he has continued to disseminate these videos, desperately trying to change the narrative.

“Let’s stop shaming victims. Although I condemn the actions that led Celine and Afiba to travel from Port Harcourt to Aba, which resulted in their disappearance, we must focus on finding them.

“Please assist us in finding Celine and Afiba. Thank you all." Harrison wrote.

Harrison Gwamnishu’s appeal highlights the urgent need for cooperation and vigilance in the search for the missing girls while condemning the actions that have sought to obscure the truth and shift the blame.

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