Labour Party Federal Lawmaker, Onwusibe Under Fire for Disparaging Remarks on Late Prof. Ikonne: Ngwa Rangers Demands Apology (Video) | #NwokeukwuMascot


Hon. Onwusibe Faces Backlash for Remarks on Late Prof. Ikonne | #NwokeukwuMascot 

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Hon. Ginger Onwusibe, representing Isialangwa South and North federal constituency in the House of Representatives, has recently drawn significant criticism for comments made about the late Prof. Eleazar Ikonne. Ikonne, a prominent figure and the Abia PDP gubernatorial candidate, passed away during the 2023 election campaigns.

Onwusibe, who has recently been in the news for empowering his constituents with cassava stems, remarked in a circulating social media video—speaking partly in the Ngwa dialect of the Igbo language—that the first candidate had to die when they left PDP, and the second candidate they brought was like a vehicle without fuel. He continued by praising his own political acumen, claiming that his skills brought success to the Labour Party.

These comments have been met with strong opposition from various stakeholders in his constituency. Critics have labeled Onwusibe's remarks as petty and insensitive, accusing him of using the death of the first and only Vice Chancellor of Ngwa Extraction; a respected figure for political gain.

The Ngwa Rangers, a notable community group representing the interests of the people of the old Aba zone, issued a press statement condemning Onwusibe's comments. They highlighted that this was not the first instance of him mocking the late professor. The group emphasized the profound loss felt by the Ngwa nation due to Ikonne’s passing and condemned Onwusibe's actions as disrespectful.

The PRESS STATEMENT reads in full, “Our attention has been drawn to a disturbing video circulating on social media, in which the immediate past member representing Isiala Ngwa State Constituency, Hon. Ginger Onwusibe, made derogatory remarks about our esteemed and illustrious son, the late Prof. Eleazar Ikonne.

“This is not the first time Hon. Onwusibe has made such disparaging comments, as he has a history of mocking the late Prof. Ikonne on various gatherings and platforms, including the 'Ngwa Facts' WhatsApp group.

“We wish to inform Hon. Onwusibe that, while death is an inevitable fate that awaits us all, we will not stand idly by and watch him engage in dirty politics by indirectly mocking any Ukwa-Ngwa son, whether dead or alive. His actions are unacceptable and demonstrate a lack of respect for the deceased and their families.

“We remind Hon. Onwusibe that elections have been won and lost, and we are no longer in campaign mode. Therefore, we forbid him from playing politics with the legacy of our revered son, the late Prof. Ikonne, whose achievements and service to humanity are unparalleled. It will take Hon. Onwusibe decades to match the late Prof. Ikonne's accomplishments, even if he dedicates his life to doing so.

“We hold the late Prof. Ikonne in high esteem, even in death, and will not tolerate anyone, especially from Ukwa-Ngwa, mocking him or any other Ukwa-Ngwa son.

“We urge Hon. Onwusibe to learn how not to throw caution to the wind and to show respect for the dead and their families. We caution Hon. Onwusibe to desist from his unbridled and unguarded utterances, which only serve to further divide our community.

Watch video of the disparaging remarks below 👇🏽 

“Furthermore, we expect him to retract his statements and offer an apology for his actions. A word is enough for the wise. We will continue to monitor the situation and take appropriate action if Hon. Onwusibe fails to heed our warning.”

The controversy has sparked a broader debate about the ethics of political discourse and the respect owed to deceased figures in the community. Many believe that Hon. Onwusibe's comments were not only inappropriate but also damaging to the unity and integrity of the constituency.

As this situation continues to unfold, there are calls for a more respectful and considerate approach to political rhetoric, especially regarding individuals who have passed away and whose contributions to society are widely recognized and respected.


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