Abia Finance Commissioner Admits Earning Over N10m Monthly Amidst Worker Salary Crisis | #NwokeukwuMascot


Abia Finance Commissioner Admits to Earning Over N10m Monthly Amidst Worker Salary Struggles | #NwokeukwuMascot

Alex Chioma Otti

In a startling revelation that corroborates earlier reports, Abia State Commissioner for Finance, Mike Apkara, admitted to earning more than N10 million monthly. This disclosure was made during a radio program hosted by Mrs. Vivian on Love FM yesterday.

Recall, we previously reported on this development, highlighting how the Abia Finance Commissioner allegedly pockets N10 million monthly amidst worker salary forfeiture and widespread mismanagement.

Commissioner Apkara's acknowledgment comes amidst mounting criticisms and protests from state workers, who are grappling with a meager monthly salary of N24,000. This stark disparity highlights the growing concerns about financial mismanagement and the insensitivity of the current administration towards the plight of ordinary Abians.

Earlier investigations had revealed that the financial remuneration for top officials in Governor Alex Oti's administration far exceeds the average earnings of state employees. According to the reports, the Commissioner for Finance's monthly earnings include:

- N5 million monthly allowance

- N1.5 million from the Federation Account Allocation Committee (FAAC)

- N3.2 million distributed among various allowances, including a N1 million monthly salary, N1,250,000 Executive Council (Exco) allowance, and N400,000 security allowance

Additionally, all state Commissioners receive approximately N3.2 million monthly, which includes similar components of Exco allowances and other entitlements.

The revelation by Commissioner Apkara adds weight to accusations that the Governor's inner circle enjoys lavish compensations while the majority of Abia's workforce endures financial hardships. Governor Oti's administration has faced severe backlash for its failure to implement the wage award for workers, making Abia the only state in Nigeria yet to do so.

The previous administration, led by Governor Okezie, paid Commissioners a total of N696,000 monthly, combining a N196,000 salary with a N500,000 Exco allowance. In contrast, Governor Oti's administration has dramatically increased these figures, raising questions about fiscal responsibility and prioritization.

This confirmation of high earnings among top officials fuels further dissatisfaction and demands for transparency in governance. As Abia workers continue to struggle with unpaid salaries and unfulfilled wage awards, the government's apparent neglect of their plight remains a pressing issue.

Commissioner Apkara's public admission serves as a significant development in ongoing efforts to hold the administration accountable and address the economic disparity faced by state employees. The people of Abia await a response from the government, hoping for a shift towards equitable financial policies and improved welfare for all citizens.


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