Abia PDP Raises Concern Over Corruption Scandals Rocking Alex Otti’s Administration Amid High-Level Dismissals and Controversies | #NwokeukwuMascot


 ‘Alex Otti’s House Is Falling Apart’: Abia PDP, Exposes Deepening Crisis and Corruption…| #NwokeukwuMascot 

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Umuahia, Abia State – The political landscape in Abia State has been roiled by escalating controversy and instability over the past two weeks, according to a statement from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

In a statement signed by Elder Abraham Amah, Vice Chairman and Acting State Publicity Secretary of the Abia State PDP, the party highlighted a pervasive sense of uncertainty within Governor Alex Otti's administration. Sources suggest that several commissioners and aides are reportedly contemplating resignation to avoid potential public disgrace.

The statement, titled "Alex Otti’s House Falling Apart," the statement underscores the wave of high-profile dismissals and suspensions within Otti’s team, amidst allegations of extensive corruption. The PDP contends that these actions reflect deeper issues and internal strife within the administration, raising serious concerns about its stability and governance.

The Abia PDP and the good people of Abia State have observed that the last two weeks have been very eventful in Abia State; unfortunately, they are for the wrong reasons. Presently, confusion has gripped the Alex Otti government, and it's running helter-skelter to patch its propaganda and other pipes, which were burst by the superior PDP media machinery. 

“As it stands, an air of uncertainty has enveloped the entire operatives of his government because nobody knows where and on whom the axe will fall next, even as we have reliable intelligence that many of his commissioners and aides are considering throwing in the towel before they are disgraced out of office.

“A fortnight ago, Alex Otti suspended the Commissioner for Health, Ngozi Okoronkwo, on allegations of massive corruption in the Ministry and placed her under investigation. When the PDP released a statement claiming the suspension was more than meets the eye, as she was not the only one that has exhibited many excesses in the Alex Otti team, his Commissioner for Information, Okey Kanu, overreached himself and bared open the mindset of Alex Otti and his methods to the public when he started their usual PDP-bashing press statement with a quote by the infamous Joseph Goebells, Adolf Hitler’s chief propagandist who helped Hitler to slaughter over six million Jews.

“The condemnations from well-meaning Nigerians that trailed Okey Kanu’s infamous quote are yet to settle, and Abians now know the copybook of Alex Otti and his operatives and the reason why he has been dealing ruthlessly with Abians, particularly the State finances, pensioners, sacked workers, and unpaid workers, in Hitler-style methods that brought the Third Reich to an inglorious end.

“Last week, Alex Otti sacked his Chief Press Secretary, Kazie Uko, and replaced him with one Ukoha Njoku Ukoha. We had expected that Ukoha N. Ukoha would understand that his duty is to tell Abians and Nigerians how his principal has delivered on his campaign promises and showcase his good works, if there are any, beyond re-asphalting roads done by the previous administration. But he did not, and being in a hurry to please his boss, made his first misstep in his first outing by continuing with the deja vu bashing of the PDP, which earned his principal the bad reputation he was called to come and clean up. Our sympathy lies with the new CPS Ukoha because his fall would be more calamitous than that of his predecessor, since he has failed to learn that his job is not to profile the PDP wrongly.

“As the fire in the Alex Otti media and propaganda team raged, the axe fell on Mrs. Joy Maduka, former Head of Service, whom Alex Otti bypassed due process and promoted ahead of her superiors, as she was summarily dismissed and asked to proceed on compulsory retirement. Having sacked all the senior directors and permanent secretaries that were trained with state resources prematurely and out of insensitive hatred for the PDP, Alex Otti is currently grappling with a shortage of trained manpower with whom to govern without the daily missteps that put him and his government into ridicule. 

“It was the same confusion and lack of direction that caused the governor’s Chief Security Officer, CSO, to summon civil servants who had not been verified to his office, in utter defiance of Abia State Civil Rule, CS Rule 04102, which empowers only the Civil Service Commission to exercise disciplinary control over Abia civil servants. Such autocratic disposition clearly reflects the character of the governor, which his Information Commissioner and Chief Press Secretary unknowingly pushed out to the public by endorsing the Joseph Goebells quote time after time, even when they know Abians will not accept such infamy.

“Presently, Alex Otti’s house is falling apart, and we advise him to come down from his high horse, swallow his pride, and recall those he sacked ignominiously, so that they will help him in the good governance and administration of Abia State before the roof finally collapses on his head. The people he sacked were not Okezie Ikpeazu loyalists, not PDP members, but Abia civil servants, who ordinarily must be loyal to any government in power, as they are loyal to him now. No time is too late to do the right thing; PDP: Power to the People!”.

Elder Amah’s statement emphasized that the internal turmoil, characterized by significant personnel changes and corruption scandals, has significantly undermined the administration’s credibility and effectiveness. The PDP’s critique underscores the urgent need for a reassessment of governance strategies to restore stability and public confidence in Abia State.


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